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Why is love getting spookier and why are psychics being besieged by ghost stories.  A London psychic explains why. Read my interview withLilli Rice , who has just set up ground-breaking one stop psychic reading and healing service here.

The academic and writer  David W Orr, in his oft-quoted narrative on the value of conventional success in a self serving and traumatised world, presents a passionate case for a holistic approach to healing the spiritual, psychological and environmental harm inflicted on our planet and the living beings who inhabit it.

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people,” he writes. “But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every

It’s a philosophy that resonates with all kinds of healers lovers, and storytellers, particularly at a moment in history when mass market,  social media driven distortions prevail. But how, realistically, can it be implemented in a way that impacts real lives? The question of how to make an interconnected approach to healing accessible to more people was one that kept young north London woman Lilli Rice awake at night and planted the seeds for a groundbreaking , some might say angelic, coalition which launches this week. 

Five Elements, a website that brings together experienced reiki, shamanic and crystal healers and clairvoyants, goes live today.  Uniquely, it has teamed up with a mental health and bereavement charity, reflecting , Lilli says, our mission to first and foremost “treat the people who reach out to us in an ethical and caring way.”

Lilli, 34, from  Crouch zEnd, has worked as a professional psychic for 15 years, and has a clientele ranging from celebrities key figures in the judiciary and financial  institutions to people struggling with bereavement and abusive relationships. When setting up the website Lilli, and her two co-founders, - also London-based psychics- identified a need to offer an authentic holistic healing service which places clients’ wellbeing over profit. The website”s name reflects this philosophy, the five elements being earth, air, water, fire and spirit - it is their fine-tuned dance of affinity and repulsion that that makes life thrive. Five Element will also be offering online and face to face courses in tarot, healing, psychic art and creative writing, as well as spiritual retreats in the UK, Spain and Thailand, giving clients a chance to relax and reboot spiritually, physically and psychologicall

“ I think the word holistic has been misconstrued as being just about alternative medicine but it’s much more encompassing, 
It can also be about alternative forms of healing  working alongside more conventional therapies, which is why we’ve 
  partnered with charities, to help clients get all the support they need,” Lilli explained. “It’s a body mind and soul thing and there are no stock answers, everyone’s needs are unique.”

Affordable readings, and a  willingness to confront the great elephant in the room - addiction to psychics- are key to Five Elements’ ethical mission statement.
“It’s a problem that’s not discussed openly. Reputable
 psychics feel uncomfortable with it and steer their client towards other forms of therapy that are a better fit for their problems. For example, someone who is grieving might spend a lot of money on readings because they feel comforted but end up getting in debt - which causes more problems- when what they really need is bereavement counselling, which needn’t cost them anything. We’re not about getting people into debt and causing hardship, and if we think that’s happening we’ll make that help available.

“A consultation with a good reader can be life-changing and one of the loveliest thing about being a reader or healer is when someone tells you you’ve helped turn their life around, but at the same time 
You have to accept that not everyone will benefit, particularly if they are spending a lot of time and money getting readings that don’t seem to be helping.”

So what can a reading offer that a good counsellor or a spa break can’t. It’s all about specifics, 
those black swan insights and predictions that defy the stock skeptic response that readings are so vague and general they can apply to anyone. Lilli cites one instance when she helped police with a missing person case that became a murder inquiry, accurately predicting a road sign close to where the victim”s body was found and a graphic description of the perpetrator , which helped bring about a successful conviction. On a happier note, she also saw a vision of a very nice beach bar called Tony’s with a painting on it’s exterior, only to find herself spending happy hours there on a family holiday some months later. 

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said work and love are all we need to be happy and Lilli agrees these are what concern clients most. However, love’s got spookier since Freud was  practising in the 19th century. In fact, Lilli,says, psychics are being inundated with ghost stories,  and the contemporary ghost can usually be found  haunting online dating sites. Ghosting , the act of forming a relationship, usually enthusiastically, and then disappearing without a trace, is causing  emotional damage.

“People on the receiving end can be made to feel rejected and worthless and what’s worrying is that this kind of behaviour, which wouldn’t,have been acceptable just a few years ago is now perceived as normal. It’s narcissism and it’s a form of emotional abuse, which is just as painful and just as damaging as physical abuse.”

Hopefully the alchemy brought about by the  Five Elements will drive the ghosts away. Reading and healings are available to clients worldwide. Pricing are: £20 for 20 minutes, £25 for 30 minutes, £46 for 60 minutes. The site is presently running an introductory offer of£12 for a 20 minute reading or healing


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